Do you have any hammocks that are pre-made?

Yes! If you visit the Hamocks tab you will find an album below the sizes and pricing with hammocks that are Pre-made and ready to be shipped off! I keep this album up-to-date and add new items often so feel free to visit it often.


Do you make hammocks in other sizes?
Yes, I am glad to accommodate your needs.  I will give you a quote for whatever size you are interested in.  I strive to please my customers. 


Can I request a specific fabric pattern?
Sure! I have had a customer ask for Mator (from Cars) which I was able to locate and create a hammock for them. I try to keep special requests at the same prices stated above HOWEVER sometimes specialty fabrics cost a little more, be prepared to possibly pay a little more for a fabric I do not have.


If I am a local buyer can a plan be made to pick-up the hammock in person to save on shipping?
Yes! just let me know what your schedule is like and where you are thinking of meeting up!

Will you accept checks?
No, I will not accept checks.  Checks take up to fourteen days to clear, and the bank will not tell me when they clear, so I would have to wait fourteen days to be sure that it cleared.  I will not ship things out before they clear, so it is more hassle than it is worth for either party.